Premier Furniture for Home Staging

Draw Interest with a Beautifully Furnished Space


Not everyone can walk into an empty room and immediately see a place they could call home.

Home staging solves this issue. It takes your property’s abstract potential and turns it into an inviting living experience. By accentuating the look and feel of your space with the right kind of furniture, you allow potential buyers to connect better with their dream home.

Let’s win the hearts of your buyers.

Our Home Staging Package

We offer a wide selection of stunning pieces to present your home to your buyers in style.

Product Pricing

Prices vary based on the style, color, size, rental duration, and the number of furniture pieces in your order. We recommend that you get in touch with us for a detailed quote. To start, here is a baseline estimate.

Living room
5-piece set: $200-400 per week

For sets with more than 5 pieces please request a quote from us.

Dining room
5-piece set: $200-400 per week
Full set: $700-1000 per month

 Our Process

What is the process for renting staging furniture?


Pick a date for your first showing


Fill out our Contact Form or Call us to Schedule an Appointment


Have a Kickoff Call with us, at our warehouse or via video call


We finalize your design.


We deliver your amazing rentals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Staging furniture is booked on a weekly or monthly basis for a maximum duration of 3 months. Our clients are always welcome to renew their contract and extend their rental period.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. We require a security deposit to be paid for all staging rentals.

How soon do you have to book?

You must book 3-4 weeks in advance. Staging furniture needs more time to prep and ship. To ensure that we can order (should we need to), deliver, and set up all your desired pieces, we need to have completed the kickoff and design finalization 3 weeks before the show date.

What is the return process for the rental furniture?

Furniture must be clean and should also be sanitized before returning. If it’s returned damaged or stained, you may have to forfeit your security deposit.

Rentals must be returned within 24 hours. Any returns after 24 hours are subject to a late fee. * Please contact us in good time if you are facing challenges with returning your rentals.

How do you return them?

If you opted for us to deliver we’ll also pick up the rented items once your event is over.

For self-pickup orders customers will have to return their items within the above timeframe.

Have more questions?
Check out our general info page for answers to other popular service questions.